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AL-HABBARA Trading & Contracting Company is a promising and dynamic concern, well appreciated and trusted for its services in electronics and communications systems in this region. Right from the time of its inauguration around 27 years, in the year 1981, the company management is fully committed to the satisfaction and comfort of its clients in the field by providing them invariably yet incessantly both competent and competitive solutions and services in response to their growing requirements for different telecommunication systems whether for home, business or industrial uses.

In AL-HABBARA, the clients discover a self-confident company ready to offer a wide range of competitive electronics and communications systems. Supported by ever flourishing marketing and engineering activities, Al-Habbara well-known to multitude customers; like industrial or commercial companies, hotels and restaurants, architects and engineers and building contractors, residential compounds and apartment buildings, schools, colleges and universities, hospitals and clinics etc., for quality and dependability.

Besides providing consultancy, supplying cost-efficient propositions, and carrying out designing & inspection services for a variety of clients since many years, Al-Habbara executes competent installation, testing, programming, and commissioning jobs to the satisfaction of its clients.Further more, we also undertake annual maintenance of the systems on contract basis. The maintenance does not only cover the systems installed by us, but, in fact, we are able to maintain effectively different types of systems installed by other companies regardless of model and brand limitations. It is such professionalism that makes us one of the leading and trusted names in the regional marketplace probably.Through this short yet informative introduction we desire to reach out to you. As all of us know "actions speak louder than words". Therefore, we invite you to give us anopportunity to work with you, so we may demonstrate our experience and knowledge in executing your projects.

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