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Telephone System

There are too many phone systems to choose from! What are the real differences between them? Which one do I need? How do I know that this is the right one? Is this going to last? Lots of questions that really don't have a single answer. All we can say is that we have supplied a wide range of systems to a multitude of customers with varying requirements. Each and every customer needs something different; no two are the same even within the same market.

Our sales people are experienced and friendly. Honesty and integrity are assured. After every installation, small or large, we have a customer review meeting so that you can have your say and suggest any improvements. What happens when the engineers and technical staff have gone? Not to worry, we have a help desk that makes sure an expert is never too far away.

We have been supplying and  installing main for the following Telephone Brands :

  • Nortel Telephone System

  • Panasonic Telephone System

  • Ericsson Telephone System

  • Splicecom Maximiser Telephone System